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The Most Comprehensive Vocal Course Made By & For Soulful Singers!

If you're looking for a step-by-step singing program that specializes in soulful styles like gospel, R&B, neo-soul, and blues, you've come to the right place.

Hear & Play's 7-Hour "Vocal Mastery" Course shows you everything you need to know to enhance your singing, the right way.

Loaded with instruction, demonstrations, and interactive exercises, you'll have what it takes to extend your vocal range, eliminate straining, and start sounding like you've been singing professionally for years.

Unlike traditional/classical courses, this one focuses specifically on soulful styles like gospel, R&B, neo soul, and blues.

Here's a sample of a section teaching "runs."

Where Natural Talent & Gifting Meets Proper Instruction

Most people come to us with an existing ability to sing and hold a note but feel like they've missed out on formal training that would allow them to really unlock the true potential of their voice.

That's where our step-by-step program comes in. It provides the proper foundation and technique with your existing abilities to take your singing to a whole new level!

  • How to sing properly from your diaphragm, last longer, and have the power to hit notes you never thought possible (without killing your vocal cords)...
  • Exercises you can practice regularly to improve your range and make you sound almost like a professional singer...
  • How to add flavor to your singing by mastering various stylization and "run" techniques that only the experienced know...
  • How to develop great technique and healthy habits that stick with you throughout your entire singing career... 

Digitized From Cd's to Digital HD Audio Files So You Can Download Right Away & Save 70%!

Here's what you'll get:


Essential Vocal Techniques & Fundamentals For Beginners 101: In this section, you'll learn how to stand (posture), breath, properly position the mouth and tongue, pronunciation of vowels versus consonants, and the importance of facial expression. By the end of this section, you'll have a nice entry-level introduction to proper singing techniques.


Essential Vocal Techniques & Fundamentals For Beginners 102: In this 102 course, you apply what you learned in 101 in a variety of exercises that are slightly more challenging. You'll also start exploring various drills like octave slides, which will help you with transitioning between your chest and head voice as well as blending and range.


Essential Vocal Techniques & Fundamentals 103: The beginning of 103 focuses on how to sing extremely long phrases without taking breaths (longevity) and exercises you can practice to build up this skill. You also learn how to make sure each note you sing is precise and not in between pitches. Also, to avoid the common "Lazy Tongue" or "Lazy Mouth" problem, a series of exercises like "Butterflies" are introduced.


Vocal Stylization Techniques: Dynamics 101On this course, you learn the basics of dynamics and why it is important to use such techniques in your singing to set you apart. Nena takes you through 3 exercises along with tons of activities and application to perfect your stylization skills. By the end of this section, you'll learn a series of techniques involving energy usage, manipulating volume, sighing, crying, straight tones, vibrato, and many more.


Vocal Stylization Techniques: Dynamics 102In this section, you will delve even deeper into the world of dynamics as you study crescendos, decrescendos, accents, enunciation of consonants, breath marks, and my more techniques. Each concept is accompanied by a number of exercises, which break into activities and real-life application and examples.


Vocal Modes & Scales 101Here, you'll learn several common modes that you can use to further your singing ability. Understanding modes allow you to know where you're going so that you don't end up hanging on to some strange pitch while the song has progressed elsewhere. How to turn what would be risky into confident runs and ideas based on modal scales that always work! Referenced by Nena as the "bootcamp" course, this section will contain many scale and modal drills to whip you in shape!


Vocal Riffs, Runs, & Arpeggios 101In this basic technique course, you will learn steps that will catapult you to the next level of stylization. You'll discover the backbone of various arpeggios, riffs, and runs by learning a few unique patterns. By understanding these patterns and being able to sing them, you'll be able to add countless amounts of style to your singing.


Vocal Riffs, Runs, & Arpeggios 102Leaving from where the 101 section ends, this course takes you through even more exercises and activities that introduce you to further riffs, runs, and arpeggios. You learn about ascending versus descending arpeggios, riffs and repeated phrasing, and how to create your own runs with knowledge you've learned so far. You also incorporate a number of vowel and consonant sounds to create endless possibilities.

 Who's This Course For?

  • Anyone who has reached a "glass barrier" in their singing and needs guidance on what to do to join the upper echelon of singers.

  • Anyone who has a decent range but wants to stretch it out to more than three octaves (the average range sits somewhere between an octave and two).

  • Beginners who want to skip the baby steps and start learning the insider tips and tricks to singing that no one tells you.

  • Anyone who is committed to lifelong learning and continually developing their singing skills.

  • Anyone who sounds good but can admit that they are killing the long-term health of their vocal cords by not singing properly.

  • Anyone wanting to learn how to master riffs and runs and when to effectively use them.

  • Anyone hungry for more!

Save Money. Save Time. Start Now!

This 7-hour course used to sell on 10 audio cds for $125.00.

Now that the cds have been digitized and can be downloaded as mp3 files to your computer or smart phone instantly, we can pass the 70% savings on to you.

Plus, you'll get several bonuses if you order today:

Bonus #1 - Professional Runs 101 Audio Course


Professional Runs 101Using what Nena calls the "Running Game" and mimicry, you are taken, step by step, through a number of professional runs and taught how to break them down into smaller chunks to digest. These are runs that let people know you're in the building and once you learn them and start creating your own, you will see just how powerful they are. You also learn the importance of timing and usage (and over-usage) of runs.

Bonus #2 - Professional Runs 102 Audio Course


Professional Runs 102Here, you are performing advanced runs and tricks that incorporate everything you've learned from past sections like proper posture, breathing, octave drills, timing, rhythm, vibrato, crescendos, decrescendos, sighs, cries, and more! By the end of disc 10, you will have taken your singing to new heights. If you perfect just two of the runs Nena introduces, this entire system would pay for itself many times over! That's how awesome these professional runs are!

Bonuses #3 - Piano By Ear For Starters Audio Course

"Piano By Ear For Starters" Audio Program (mp3 download) - In this 2-hour audio course, you're going to be exposed to a very systematic way to play simple songs within minutes. Songs and chord patterns that resemble, "You are So Beautiful," "My Girl," and "I Believe I Can Fly."

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