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New Revolutionary Software Trains Your Ear To Hear Music Like A Pro... To Pick Out Melodies, Chords, & Songs Faster Than Ever Before!

  • The ultimate ear-training tool designed specifically for ear-players wanting to master the real-life components of music by listening.
  • Featuring over 775 exercises and 4 lessons families (degrees, intervals, chords, progressions), you're sure to receive a comprehensive ear-training experience.
  • Transforms your computer into an ear-training conditioning coach, who is going to work you out as much as you want, without tiring, without charging, and while adapting intelligently to your progress. Lessons change dynamically as it learns where you struggle and need the most improvement.
  • The most comprehensive and adaptive tool of its kind, specifically designed for ear players who want to continuously improve their ear skills and ability to recognize musical components.
  • Learn to recognize notes, scales, intervals, melodic lines, chords, progressions, and ultimately songs! For Mac & PC, use Ear Tutor's multi-user mode to allow multiple members of your family to embark on their own ear-training journey.
  • Track your individual scores, completions, and progress and make this a family affair! (This feature will only come with the upgraded version in the future).

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